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Epoxy Coatings:

They are high performance coatings for protection of metal, steel and concrete. They are available in primers, High Build and finish state. They are basically two pack products Part A (Base) and Part B (Hardener)

Epoxy Primer:

This is use directly on the metal after blasting (surface preparation) to prevent rust.

Features: Non Toxic, a two – coat to improve adhesion, can be used in normal and chemical environment.
Superior resistance to moisture, corrosion and rust.
Typical use: All structural steel.

Epoxy inorganic Zinc Silicate (PM9400)

This is a form of Expoxy Premier used in highly corrosive area. The Zinc content is the self-sacrificial metal that provides the full protection to the substrate. It is also used directly on the bare metal.

Features: High percentage Zinc content.
- Gives outstanding Galvanic protection to steel
- It is weld able

Typical Use; Chemical factories, Refineries, heavy industrial environments.


Epoxy High Build:

This is the conventional high build coating used on suitably primed steel. It provides excellent protection in demanding environments such as fresh and salt water, oxidizing acids, alkalis and oils.

Features- Excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack.
- Gives a high dry film of above 100microns
- Resist bacterial attack
- Exhibit long- term protection.

Typical Use:
Crude oil Pipelines, Tank Farms(Storage Tanks), concrete factory floor, swimming pool, fish ponds, food processing industry and structural steel.

Epoxy Ultra High Build;

High performance, higher film build, long term protective coating which requires no top coat for excellent performance.

Features: Excellent adhesion
Chemical resistance
Abrasion resistance
Low temperature Cure
Long lasting protection effect
Can give a build of 350m/cm.


Epoxy Finish:

A two pack polyamide cured epoxy coating, Resistance to corrosion, chemicals and heat up to 150 C. It gives a tough and durable finish. They are used on a suitably primed steel or on concrete for floor.
Features: Corrosion and chemical resistance, Decorate and protect substrate. Resist grease, oil and many other substance that would have ruined an ordinary painted finish.
Typical Use: Steel, concrete, garage floor, asbestos, bricks, chemical plants, vessels, Refineries.


Acrylic Polyurethane:

A two pack Topcoat.
It offers excellent UV protection, glass retention, abrasion resistance and compatible with epoxy. Even after prolonged exposure, the film remains flexible and beautiful.

Features: Excellent colour and Glass or Glaze retention.
A smooth finish to a variety of substrates.
Excellent decorative.

Typical Use:
New construction and maintenance in chemical and industrial environment.
Fabricated tanks, pipelines, machineries, handrails, gates, concrete and wood.


Marine Coating/Alkyd Gloss:

A single pack high quality decorative finish based on alkyd. It is design for easy application.

Features: Good Gloss
Easy to apply.
Reasonably cheaper than Epoxy and Polyurethane Finish
Available in Gloss and Matt Finish.


Antifouling paint or Bottom paint:

It is a specialized coating application on the hull of a ship or boat In order to slow down the growth of organisms that attach to the hull and can effect a vessel's performance and durability.
Features: Toxic to marine organisms
Typical use: Bottom of a ship or boat (The hull of a ship)


Bright aluminum:

A premium quality, bright luster aluminum paint for interior or exterior use.
It can be used where the temperature is up to 200 C.
Feature: Bright leafing appearance.

Easy to apply
Typical Use: Iron, Steel. Aluminum, Wood and galvanized metal.


Telemoplastic Road Marking

A universal chlorubler based coating, suitable for application on roads.Our road making has highest level of refectivity during night time. It provides visual guidance to road users particularly at night. It's usually non-bleeding.
Available in reflective and non-reflective form.

Features: High build, good coverage, fast drying, non – skid, abrasion resistance, good adhesion withstand water and fluctuating humidity, non-chalking or yellowing.

Typical use; Asphalt, Concrete, Bricks, Runways Iron helipad, steel ad sport facilities.

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