Non – Decorative Brands

Non – decorative product ranges are classified into three:-
1. General industrial Product
2. Automotive Vehicle Refinishes
3. Marine & Protecton

Cellulose Enamel

4 Litres

• Fast drying
• Good hiding power
• Protects against the formation of fungus

Typical Use: General Purpose.

Wood Finishes

4 Litres

Lignolac is our trade name for wood finishes.
- Cellulose Sanding Sealer
- Lacquer Gloss – Moderate water resistance
- Lacquer Matt
- Lacquer Satin
- Polyurethane Varnish Matt – A clear, durable, water –resistant Finish.
- Nitromatching Stains (Warm, Cold, Mid – warm) Wood may be stained to many shades


1 Litres

A high quality, single pack autoflex top coat paint for refurebishing of automobiles body frame.

• It is fast-drying
• Very good High gloss
• Long-lasting
• Good weather resistance.

Coil Coating Enamels(G25)

4 Litres

A polyester based oven baked liquid coating for application on continuous steel or Aluminium strip.

It is highly dependent on customer specification.

Typical Use – Treated Aluminium or steel used for roofing, wall- cladding, housing and casting.

Epoxy Coatings

4 Litres

Epoxy inorganic Zinc Silicate (PM9400)
Epoxy Primer:

This is used directly on the metal after blasting (surface preparation) to prevent rust. They are high performance coatings for protection of metal, steel and concrete. They are available in primers, High Build and finish state. They are basically two pack products Part A (Base) and Part B (Hardener). This is a form of Epoxy Primer used in highly corrosive area. The Zinc content is the self-sacrificial metal that provides the full protection to the substrate. It is also used directly on bare metal.

• Non Toxic
• Two – coat finish to improve adhesion
• Can be used in normal and chemical environment.
• Superior resistance to moisture, corrosion and rust.
• High percentage Zinc content.
• Gives outstanding Galvanic protection to steel
• It is weld able

Typical use:
All structural steel, Chemical factories, Refineries, heavy industrial environments.

Marine Coating/Alkyd Gloss/Acrylic Polyurethane

4 Litres

A two pack Topcoat that offers excellent UV protection, glaze retention, abrasion resistance and compatible with epoxy. Even after prolonged exposure, the film remains flexible and beautiful.
A single pack high quality decorative finish based on alkyd.
It is designed for easy application.

• Good Gloss
• Easy to apply.
• Reasonably cheaper than Epoxy and Polyurethane Finish
• Available in Gloss and Matt Finish.
• Excellent colour and glaze retention.
• A smooth finish to a variety of substrates.
• Excellent decorative.

Typical Use:
For new construction and maintenance of chemical and industrial environment.
Fabricated tanks, pipelines, machineries, handrails, gates, concrete and wood.

Antifouling paint or Bottom paint, Bright aluminum

It is a specialized coating application on the hull of a ship or boat in order to slow down the growth of organisms that attach to the hull, which can affect a vessel's performance and durability. A premium quality, bright luster aluminum paint for interior or exterior use.
It can be used where the temperature is up to 200 C

• Toxic to marine organism
• Bright leafing appearance.
• Easy to apply

Typical use:
Iron, steel, aluminum, wood and galvanized metal.
Bottom of a ship or boat (The hull of a ship)

Thermoplastic Road Marker

A universal chlorubler based coating, suitable for application on roads. This product has highest level of reflectivity during night time. It provides visual guidance to road users particularly at night. It's usually non-bleeding.
Available in reflective and non-reflective form.

• High build,
• Good coverage
• Fast drying
• Non – skid
• Abrasion resistance
• Good adhesion
• Can withstand water and fluctuating humidity
• Non-chalking or yellowing.

Typical use:
Asphalt, concrete, bricks, runways, iron helipad, steel and sport facilities.

Stoving Enamels (G6)

An alkyd based oven – baked paint formulated to give a good, mar resistance finish.

• Durable film
• High gloss
• Good weather resistance.

Typical Use
Domestic appliances and general metal.

Quick Drying Enamel (Q.D.E)

A general purpose styrene modified Alkyd base. Its durability combined with an exceptionally high gloss imparts an excellent long lasting appearance.

• Fast drying
• Good hiding power
• Protects against the formation of fungus

Typical Use: General Purpose.

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